Milestone Ellenville

established in 2010


Milestone Ellenville began as a passion based business - an off-road driving school. Having worked in leadership roles at Merrill Lynch and Bloomberg in Manhattan, I needed some time 'off the grid'. In 2002 I bought a Jeep TJ Wrangler with the promise of adventure. By 2007 I was recording secretary of the Hudson Valley 4 Wheelers club, driving off-road multiple times each month with family and friends.  For me, relaxation was an adrenaline rush at 3mph and great camaraderie with fellow off-road enthusiasts.

By 2010 I realized how important my 4WD freedom was to me, and worked out a small business plan to share that enjoyment with others through structured training and events. Most of our 4WD staff are hard-core wheelers that I have known for many years. As a team, we all have each others backs, and we trust one another to do the right thing. To date over 1,000 students have come to understand and enjoy 'Learning, Adventure and Fun' with us.

While in my corporate role I had the privilege to lead successful hi-tech projects and global teams.  It became clear to me there are many parallels between navigating business obstacles and navigating obstacles on the trail. When we get stuck we need to 'remember to breathe', figure out our needs and how to 'get it done'. 

I am fortunate to have teamed up with extremley talented friends and colleagues who share a passion as educators of leadership, communication, and learning & development. Our shared vision is to create a meeting/event space conducive to helping teams learn how they can 'get it done'. Together, we offer Milestone Ellenville to you.

-Scott Trager, PMP
  Founder, Milestone Ellenville
Founder, Northeast Off-Road Adventures
  I4WDTA Certified Trainer
  Adjunct Professor Mercy College School of Business